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New panel installation with Lamacoid voltage present warning

Installations, Upgrades & Refits

Electrical Troubleshooting & Emergency Repair

Troubleshooting & Emergency Repair

Lamacoid ID Labels, Cable ID Tag Fabrication & Custom Marine Interiors

Value Added Services

RF Antenna Testing - Example of Analyzer Graph

Test & Measurement

We specialize in new installations, upgrades, and vessel refits. We service all shipboard electrical equipment on commercial & recreational vessels. 

An unforeseen issue keeping you in port? Let us diagnose and resolve the problem so you can get back on the water. 

We offer a host of value added services such as: Cable Tag Fabrication, Lamacoid ID Labels, and custom Marine Interiors.

Spar Marine Logistics has a suite of test and measurement equipment to ensure your vessels electrical systems are preforming within their specifications. 

Service Details

We welcome custom requests, please contact us to inquire on any services not listed.

  • Installations, Upgrades & Refits: Installation of marine electrical cable, and related devices/systems. Full, or partial system upgrades and complete electrical system refits.

  • Troubleshooting & Emergency Repair: Emergency call out for repairs, and system/device troubleshooting of simple or complex issues. 

  • Value Added Services: Cable Tag Fabrication, Lamacoid ID Labels in a variety of colors and designs, Custom Marine Interiors - Woodwork, Furniture, Paneling, Ceilings & Fire Doors.

  • Test & Measurement Services: Cable Insulation Testing, Thermal Imaging Surveys, RF Site Analysis, Power Analyzer, CAT 5 & 6 Fiber Analysis, Breaker Testing.

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